Transform the appearance of your home by having the moss removed from your roof.
Moss can thrive in dark and gloomy environments and even though it may look nice, can be fatal for your roof if left. Moss holds onto rainwater and can swell causing tiles to be broken or misplaced. Once the roof tiles or slates have been moved, rainwater has the opportunity to leak into your roof causing the rot of timbers and eventually leading to damp and mould into your home, along with extensive repair bills.

Call In the help of the roofing experts at Abercrombie Roofing Ltd. Our team will come and pay you a visit, discuss the plan of action to remove the moss and how long it will take. Under no circumstances should you try and remove the moss from your roof yourselves, extensive damage can be done if the removal is not being carried out by a professional team.

If you have no moss on your roof but want to have your roof cleaned, then contact us. A thorough, professional clean can leave your home or business totally transformed.

Roof cleaning treatments can also help to protect and insulate your home, can reduce your heating bills by up to 40% and help lessen your carbon footprint.

We only use modern and eco friendly products and techniques to achieve thorough, professional roof cleaning. Cleaning also involves clearing out guttering and cleaning of fascias and soffits to complete the overall look to your roof.

For more information on our moss removal and general roof cleaning, call Abercrombie Roofing Ltd today on either London 020 8226 5538 or Surrey 01932 548110. No job is too big or too small.